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ORANJE-BIKER TOUR 2014 - "The Ride through History ..."

Dear History-Bikers,

my name is Fred Struben and I live in the Jammertal, 8 km away from NASSAU / Lahn.
My bike is an ol’ Lady Honda CX 500 and we both like to stray around the Rhine-Lahn-Wispertal-River Valleys in beautiful NATURPARK NASSAU and in the WESTERWALD and TAUNUS Mountain range. If I am not on my bike, I run a historical event agency (www.eventus-historia.de). So why not combine my hobby of reenact history and the fun of "riding through" it?! As I don’t need to earn money with having fun, there is no particular website about yet. Here is a first and rough survey:
FRIDAY afternoon
We pick up our dutch riders at FESTUNG EHRENBREITSTEIN / Koblenz/ Rhine-River Valley or later directly at our BIKER’S MOTEL / Campground near NASSAU-Town.Riding through LAHNSTEIN and BAD EMS (it’s not too bad there!), along the LAHN RIVER up to BURG NASSAU having our first toast on the Nassau-Oranje Dynasty. Check in at our Biker’s Motel nearby and get acquainted to each other. Warm-up while INTRODUCTION on the "ORANJE BIKER TOUR 2014".
Starting after a good biker’s breakfast (ontbijt) to the Castle-ruin of LAURENBURG, the very first Burg of the Nassau-Dynasty.
Riding along pittoresque BALDUINSTEIN and SCHAUMBURG to SCHLOSS ORANIENSTEIN in DIEZ/ Lahn. Photo-shooting with our bike-cavalry. Passing world-wide known LIMBURG/Lahn to BURG RUNKEL, having an ice-cream at the famous italian Ice-cream-parlour and biker-meeting point from the Frankfurt bike-tourer scene. Driving to SCHLOSS WEILBURG (-part of the Nassauer Erbteilung) and having a kopje koffie at Hessen’s Neuschwanstein SCHLOSS BRAUNFELS. Then we are heading to DILLENBURG, -that’s were Wilhelmina used to give a visit once a year, (-but not on a bike, I suppose ...). After a biker’s meal, we cruise along the narrow routes of the beautiful WESTERWALD to MONTABAUR and GELBACHTAL back to our Motel for chilling-out and making friendships.
The tour leads to JAMMERTAL, AARTAL, WISPERTAL, RHEINGAU, KLOSTER EBERBACH (-world famous Riesling wineothek!), RÜDESHEIM,(-real  bikers know it!), GERMANIA-MONUMENT, ASSMANSHAUSEN and LORCH. Brunch at famous BENNO’s BIKER’s PARADIESE, directly at the Rhineshores (-real bikers know it!), KAUB, LORELEY(-nice girl,-but no bike!), St. GOARSHAUSEN with Café-Stop at Arno’s "Bikers Welcome" Restaurant, then to BURG STERRENBERG und LIEBENSTEIN ("Feindliche Brüder"), famous MARKSBURG and back through the HINTERLANDSWALD to our Bike-o-Motel. Check out and bye-bye-farewell-tears-to-next-meeting ...
All these tours can be extended or combined on request. (For example by booking a complete group). As far as there is a minimum of 10 riders, we work out a convienient date. After inscription, everybody can book directly the Bike-Motel or the Camping nearby. No further contracts! One biker,-one word! Everybody is responsible for himself! We ride in groups of 10 drivers each. I ask for 20,-€ per day/person for the (hopefully good) guidance and organisation. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further informations, (-or visit me in the Jammertal-)

With chivalrous regards
Fred Struben


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